It’s that time of year again… You Better Play That Sax!

So now that the initial intro to winter festivities such as Halloween and Bonfire night are over… It’s now that time when we’re waiting on the Christmas songs to kick in on the radio and all of the superstore giants are strategically choosing their advertising agencies to generate the most compelling of Christmas TV advertising! I for one am a bit of a lover of adam&eveDDB agency and always keen for the songs that these advertising agencies deploy to each of their emotionally weighted adverts, to beat The Xfactor to No 1!

I’m super excited as I’m writing this because I just love this time of year! Not just for Christmas and all of the magic that happens, but because it’s a time where friends and family can get together and make memories. The kind of memories that these advertising agencies always portray to the best of their creative abilities each Christmas! However, let’s not forget that there are those less fortunate too that do not have the same spirit and cheer and I think this is where John Lewis position themselves this year with their eagerly awaited… ‘Man On The Moon’.

So here they are as we kick off the start of the countdown to the Christmas battle of the advertising agencies and superstore giants!

I for one.. Love, love, LOVE them!! Enjoy :)